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Pre-Loaded Applications of Macintosh Computer

http://realitypod.com Pre-Loaded Applications of Macintosh Computer

The Macintosh computer comes inbuilt with various applications and software. Why don’t we take a few minutes off in taking a look at the various applications that the Macintosh computer comes along with? Some of the interesting with that the built in computer can do is to edit movies and music including the managing of your email and calendar. In fact there are so many applications inbuilt with the Macintosh that you will never require to buy any other application from anywhere else. Let’s go into further detail and analyze the various applications that will be available in the dock at the bottom of the screen an soon as you power in your Macintosh.

The very first thing that you will find is the finder. It is an application that will allow you to quit any other application as well as to find tools or files that are of preference to you. For example if you need to open a specific folder often then you will realize that the Finder helps you in launching it easily for you.

The next application that you will find is the Dashboard. This application has various widgets that you can manage it from here. All you have to do is to click on the icon that is seen in the dock or you can access the Dashboard by pressing F12. The management of the widgets can be done by clicking the + sign that is visible on the left side of the screen. Moreover you can also download any number of widgets you want from here.

The next application that we need to consider is the basic mail application. This is the third application icon found in the bottom of the dock bar. If you are launching it for the first time you will be prompted to provide your various information pertaining to your mail later you mail account will be set up. You are also provided the advantage of creating to do lists apart from the usual sending and receiving of mails.

Here we come to the browser provided by Mac-Safari. This is the premium browser of Mac which the speediest browser available in the market. You can access this browser and it also allows you to manage your RSS feeds. Hopefully the management of RSS feeds through this browser is very easy.

Next application for discussion is the Address book. Through this application you can implement all your basic information or store someone’s phone number, address or anything that comes under the category of contact. It is also integrated with many other basic applications and therefore it has more value when used with other applications.

If you are running business or always are in a tight schedule then you will iCal to be of more value. This application is responsible for managing all your upcoming events. Over the internet this application is the best of all. Moreover the events can be managed and transferred to your other computer or iPad or iPod for further personalization.

The next application is the preview. This application is responsible for visual viewing. Whenever you are opening a PDF file or you are opening an image then the preview will be open them for better visualization. Most probably you will not be opening it from the doc as the application comes to life on its whenever you open an image or PDF file extension.

The most interesting application you will find is iLife. This is an integration of many applications such as garage band, iMovie, iPhoto and others. iPhoto is an application that is used to create and edit photos whereas iMovis is an application that is used to create movies and edit them.  Garage band is the most interesting of all. With the help of it you can edit music and compose of your own. They come with many inbuilt instruments and many default tones. iDVD is another application which just does the work as it is named. For example it is used to create and burn DVDs. If you have a video over your computer and you wish to watch it in your DVD then all you need is to arrange the video in the form you want with starting pages and then later burn it with the help of iDVD.

iTunes is the application of which you must be known long back ago as it is the most famous application from Apple. It has the world’s largest online store fopr music. If you have a music file then iTunes will be too happy to play it for you regardless of the format of the file. In most of the cases mp3 will be the file extensions for the music files.

Space is an application that can be used to create and free up spaces of your desktop so that you can work without any hindrance or obstacle. I can say that you will love this application if you are ardent user. Finally if you ever need to back up then you will find the application Time Machine to be the best of all.


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