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When you insert a disc into your Mac’s drive and it spits it out. Now, you might think that you need to replace the disc and the cost is going to be expensive. However, it is not quite that you need replacement. There is one last method, which can fix your drive, in most cases.

Last, one of the family members came with the same problem. He complained that his super drive kept on ejecting every disc that was inserted. However, the super drive did not require a replacement as he had thought. Instead of bragging about the issue let us take a deeper look at what can be done.

Okay, when you insert a CD or DVD try to put your ears closer to the drive. Do you hear the cranking sound of the disc that is trying to read the drive? Does it take at least 30 second for the disc to be ejected? In most cases, this is a good sign. This is because your disc is functioning.

The first thing you need to check is the disc itself. Is the disc full of scratches or dust? If so, try to clean it properly. If not, then insert few other types of disc and make sure that you have tried most of the discs. If all the discs are ejected then there is some problem, which we need to solve.

Get yourself a disc cleaning tool kit. These can be purchased from online stores at the cost of $10 to $20 at the most. There will always come in handy. The tools are nothing sophisticated. There are just bunches of brushes that are microscopic in nature meant to clean the lens of the super drive. Insert that drive and it will spin before it is ejected. Insert a few more times and see what happens. Most probably, it will clean your drive and then you can try regular DVD or CDs.

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