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How to disable App Resume, Reverse Scrolling and More

How to disable App Resume, Reverse Scrolling and More

Apple, the pioneer in modern technology has made some changes in the OS X 10.7 Lion. For some people this change might come as a surprise and they might find it difficult to cope with the sudden change. For them there are some ways to disable the features and get back to their normal Macintosh.

When the Macintosh is marketed you will find the advertisements advertise saying that it has been inspired by the iOS. The changes in the OS X 10.7 Lion are mainly from the iOS. People love the iPhone and iPads. And therefore Apple thought of bringing some of those successful features into the OS. Though the changes have brought instant success for some people this may not be happy news.

Getting back to the older version is not at all recommended. The reason is because Apple is a company that is known for its fast paced marketing. Any customer who is left behind is left behind. At present the version of OS allows you to revert back to your older style. But in the future you can be assured that there will be no such features. Considering this in mind it would be better that you get used to the present features as you will be lagging if you can’t understand the version. Anyhow it’s yours to completely decide upon the subject.

Disabling app restore/resume

After quitting an application if you open it, the application or the document springs to life where you had left it open at last. This feature will help you to catch with the work where you were doing last. However, for some people this feature turns them off. So if you want to disable this feature then you will have to General in System preference and over there unchecked the one that says Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps.

Reviving Blue Orbs

The blue glowing orbs which can be found under the icons in the Dock are gone. If you have upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard then you can find it but if you had installed a clean copy of Lion then you will never find the blue glowing orb. To reverse back the blue light you will have to go to Dock under the system preferences; check on the tab that says ‘Show Indicator lights for the open Application’.

Changing the Scrolling Direction

This is the one that gives lot of trouble to the Macintosh users. The Lion has changed the direction of scrolling. For example if you want the page to move upwards then you will have to move your mouse in the downward direction. On the other hand if you want the page to move downwards then you will have to move the track pad in the upward direction. This reverse scrolling works in iPhone and iPad. But this change for Macintosh users has been too much. If you want to disable this feature then you will have to go to scroll & zoom under system. Under the scroll and zoom uncheck the ‘natural scrolling’.

Scroll bars

In the new version of the Lion OS the scroll bars remain invisible until you really move the track pad or the mouse for scrolling. This is an attempt from Apple to clear up the space for the users so that they do not have any trouble in viewing the content. However, if you browsing a page you may not be able to look at the remaining content available until you try to scroll down. Therefore if you want to have the scrolling bar back then you will have to go under the General setting found in the system preference and then click on the always show button on the Scroll and bars.

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