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http://macbookcoupons.com - The Apple MacBook Pro 15

http://macbookcoupons.com - The Apple MacBook Pro 15

The synonym for Apple computer can be col. When you buy one you will be saying to yourself ‘cool!’ No doubt the product is made out of a single aluminum piece making it the most wanted product in terms of technology. And hence the serious cost of the product. When you get into that you will know what a Macintosh really is.

The features of Macintosh are awesome. They come with a minimum of 4GB RAM and hard disk of various sizes. Of course you also get the most quality product with the best of all the facilities. There is this highly powered Core 2 processor. When compared to other products in the market it is the best of all though the price seems to be high. But then again you are buying Apple’s product not any other cheap product.

However, there are some great benefits of owning these computers. Like the Apple computer has a battery backup of more than 4 hours. Officially it is estimated to be around 260 minutes. On the other hand it is very light and ultra portable in nature. You can carry it easily in your backpack. Moreover the Apple computer has compatibility with all the Apple products in the market like the iPad, iPod and others.

If you are crazy about Windows and cannot live without then I recommend you to choose the Bootcamp feature incorporated in it. For example, you can install a copy of the Windows OS by purchasing it over the Apple store and you can install it side to the Mac OS. Personally, I would ask you not to install a Windows in you Mac as the performance is seriously compensated. If you do want to install a Windows OS then please do so with Windows 7. They are the best when compared to all the other.

There are three sizes of MacBook Pro 13”, 15” and 17”. The performance of every unit is the same the only difference being the size of the monitor. However, you will not find any difference with any of them.


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