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Using AirDrop over Ethernet and How to use it over old Macintosh

Using AirDrop over Ethernet and How to use it over old Macintosh

Airdrop is an application which allows you to share files between two Macs. Yes, this application does not require any sort of connection or preference to be set up. However, this is possible only in the Lion OS X. In the older version of the Macintosh it might be impossible. But we have got some ways to let you know how to do so in your older version.

The transfer of the files is so easy that you will be surprised by its simplicity. Just get holds of two Macs and in the Finder go to the icon that says AirDrop. From there launch this application. There will appear a window. Now whatever file you want to transfer you will have to just drag them over the window. Once the file is sent the other user over the other Mac will have to approve the action and you are all set to go. Wondering at the simplicity?

However there is another way to transfer the files. Apple has come up with the ability to transfer the files over the Wi-Fi network. But the use of the way is limited to most of the Macs. The only Macs that can use this ability are the ones that come embedded with a chip in it. For the transfer of files to occur through this method you will have to log into the website using the Person Area Network. If your Mac does not support this system then we have a way around to it. You will have to write some codes in your Macintosh for this to happen.

Steps to use the Ethernet over older Macintosh

First you will have to launch the terminal which can be found in the utilities under the Application. After that you will have to paste the following commands

defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowserBrowseAllInterfaces 1

Hit enter to execute the command.

Next paste this in our terminal which will restart your Finder

killall Finder

Again hit the enter button and there you are good to go.

Let us just say that you are using two Macs. One of them is running the latest version of the Lion while the other is an older version which does not support the AirDrop. It would be wise to use the above mentioned steps on both the computers so that you do not have to get confused. After the work has been completed you can always revert the settings of the computer to previous by replacing the 1 with 0 in the command line.

In essence what has just happened? We have told the Macs to work not only over the Personal Area Network but on any other network. This will allow the Macintosh to transfer the files through Airdrop over any other personal network; either one may be connected to the Ethernet or other may be connected to the normal network. It can be in any combination and it will work just fine.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that Apple made it possible only to transfer the file over the PAN is because they are safe and secure. If due to any reason you are using this method to transfer important files then I ask you to do it on your own risk.



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